During my years on this spinning rock, I've seen some shit. Most recently, I was part of the bullshit you likely heard about on the news. See, I'm back in Texas. Yea, you know the situation I'm about to talk about now I'll presume. 

I need to vent.

In the 90's, seeking further deregulation thanks to lobbyist bullshit and sold with buzz words to trick dipshits, Texas went largely independent and set up their own power system. Now, thanks to a desire to put money before common sense, which is what happens when you deregulate, Texans had to suffer largely because a group of dipshits didn't listen to years of warnings.

If you were to turn on the news, those corporate owned crap bags tried to point fingers at their usual marks despite their claims being baseless and lacking any weight. Their cult flocked to the internet to regurgitate it blindly all over the fucking place like good little piggies. And, note this isn't a one sided issue. California is a liberal haven and has similar issues due to elected officials being owned.

Cruz, the dude that has no spine and has a long history of fuck ups, fled the country, was called out on it, and then lied while running back trying to save face. Of course, when election time comes back around it'll be largely forgotten thanks to that little R next to his name seeing as most of the country cares more about party affiliation than anything else.

Over in Houston, HEB and Mattress Mack once again were local heroes. Joel had to be pushed into helping. Let me be clear in that I grew up near that asshat and can confirm he's as fucking fake as you think he is.

We won't know the real death count for a while in my opinion and likely will never get a real figure, like any disaster. We know it's over 30 in Texas, though. That number includes a fucking 11-year old kid that froze to death.

Many don't have water. Many still don't have power. Many are low on food and the stores are running out. Remember that massive crash in DFW? Avoidable.

The roads were never taken care of here. I was in a huge storm in New Jersey not that long ago. It barely changed my day thanks to proper planning. Texas had a chance to react to the weather forecast. Texas had chances to react to advice given for years. Texas failed.

I'll be putting together a list of names and numbers. We cannot consider this shit done. People died and those that were in leadership positions that failed must be held accountable. I will be calling those numbers frequently requesting answers and resignations. I expect you to do the same. 

Remember, what Cruz did was simply a preview of what we have coming soon as climate crisis continues to kill us all.

Feet. To. Fire.