1. Poder del Norte vs Dinastia, Maximo, Mr. Iguana ***1/2

2. AAA Tag Titles: Lucha Bros(c) vs Mercenarios vs Jinetes del Aire ***3/4

3. Terror Purpura, Venenoide vs Arcano, Leyenda Americana **3/4

4. AAA Mega Title: Omega(c) vs Laredo Kid ****1/4

5. Apuesta, Hardcore: Pagano vs Chessman ***3/4


Maximo was CMLL Heavyweight Champion, fucked up a car on video, and now is opening AAA TripleMania in a random six-man match. The good news is it was against PdN so it was of course fun shit. In many ways it felt like a throwaway TV match with just a touch more fuel. Honestly, this was borderline great and a fun way to start the set.

Next, Penta and Fenix defended the Campeonato de Parejas against Mercanarios' Texano and Escorpion and Jinetes members Myzteziz Jr and Octagon Jr. It started hot with both challenging teams acting like the Lucha Bros owed AAA money. The finish was cheese, but the match itself was honestly great balls to the wall action. It'd be nice if we could see the AAA belts held by Penta, Fenix, and Omega start being used in AEW by the way. Just saying.

We got some chaos post-match with Vikingo and Taurus! Why the fuck not.

Next, the Marvel team up. For a novelty match it was fun and I can see this being something that both parties want more of moving forward. It wasn't anything special but it didn't have to be. Decent filler.

Moving along, Kenny Fucking Omega and Laredo Kid for the Mega Championship. Fantastic match that built up nicely as it went. Laredo got a nice showcase and the biggest match of his career right here and Kenny put in for another worthwhile encounter. The finish was interesting and I have to wonder if there is anything to that, but the entire thing was simply awesome start to finish. Hell, they even got Vikingo involved for a moment which is always a bonus!

We end with a bloody, weapon heavy demolition derby. Pagano is a crash test dummy and here he was able to be exactly that. Yea, this wasn't pretty at all. In fact, it's one of the ugliest things ever. Despite that, it was fucking great. The Hugo spot was the cherry. If you want to see an animalistic display, click play.

These TripleMania matches all lived up to my expectations and once again served as proof that AAA is the best lucha libre company in all of Mexico. I recommend fans that have been holding off or are simply wanting to get back into the product to do so with the matches mentioned above (with the Marvel match being the sole skippable contest).