Match from IMPACT Final Resolution 12/12:

1. IMPACT World Title: Swann(c) vs Bey ***1/2


IMPACT has their issues, as they always have, but props to them because most major feds don't have black wrestlers main event their shows. Most don't even have people of color in the main event picture even. Here, two fought over the brand's top prize and a third came out after to set up a future match.

Representation matters, folks.

Bey stepped up nicely here to Swann's level and they both put in for a very good title match. Sure, it was a throwaway defense, but it worked for what it was and was plenty enjoyable. I'm interested to see what happens with the company in 2021, especially now that AEW is partners with NJPW. Will the IMPACT deal fall aside or will it be balanced? Guess we'll see.