Review Roundup of Missed Content #26: AEW December 2020


1.AEW World Title: Mox(c) vs Omega (12/02) ****

2.AEW Tag Titles: Young Bucks(c) vs TH2 (12/03) ***1/2

3.Inner Circle(Jericho,MJF) vs Top Flight (12/17) ***1/2

4.AEW Tag Titles: Young Bucks(c) vs Acclaimed (12/17) ***1/2

5.Rey Fenix vs Limelight (12/22) ***


I'll be watching the Brodie tribute edition of Dynamite separate. I also have a write up on Sting and Omega stuff that will be posted separate. This looks just at matches (not from that tribute) that caught my eye. I considered doing them all here but decided it was better to split them up. Just a heads up.

Up first, one of the biggest matches of the year for AEW. Moxley's run as the top dog of AEW was pretty damn good. His matches were mostly enjoyable and he worked well as a face of the brand during a hard time. I have no doubt he'll get another run sometime down the line. That said, it was time for a change and Kenny is the right guy. Omega's time in AEW thus far has seen loads of great content and a fantastic run as AEW Tag Champ alongside Page, but it was due for the best active wrestler in the world to turn fully heel and take his place on top. The match itself was fantastic with loads of action and drama along the way. They told a great story, too. While the finish was obviously a "shit finish", it was done in a way that honestly worked all things considered. Post, Kenny and Don ran to the back. Don dropped the news to check out IMPACT and then they sped off like a fucking lightning bolt. I'm pretty sure everyone has seen this but fix the mistake if you skipped it.

Real quick, but note that Winter is Coming featured a bunch of dudes rationalizing running a battle royal with a shit load of people during a pandemic. The company protocols are smoke and mirrors. Stupid shit.

Next, The Young Bucks and TH2 for the gold. It was nice seeing Angelico and Evans who I feel I don't see a lot of. AEW doesn't seem to be using them as much as I'd think, but they've always been great. I liked seeing them toss Evans into The Acclaimed here too and the post moment setting up more content later, too. It was a very fun spotfest and a nice throwaway defense.

Moving along, we have Inner Circle big dogs, Jericho and MJF, against Top Flight on Holiday Bash. Gotta love seeing the tag division of AEW getting even stronger. I mean, it's fucking stacked and just keeps getting bigger and better. I'd argue they have the best tag division in wrestling. This match itself was pretty good and creative at times, even if there were a few spots that looked slightly off. Top Flight came off perfectly as resilient underdogs and you cant tell they are investing in these brothers early. Worth a look.

The hip hop vid from The Acclaimed was pretty awesome. They challenged for the belts on the same show and it was borderline great. The Acclaimed are fun as hell and pretty talented. Their charisma will certainly help them going forward. While a tad overbooked, this still served as another nice throwaway defense for TYB and another elevator match for the young bloods of AEW's tag division.

We close this set with Rey Fenix and Limelight from Dark. It was honestly one of the best matches I've given three stars in 2020 and a very fun, creative and athletic sprint. The right dude won and the other dude looked good in defeat. Hard to ask for much more from something so short.

Episode 66, the tribute, should be reviewed and posted today if I don't crash from a lack of sleep first.

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