Review Roundup of Missed Content #24: DRAGONGATE November 2020


From Gate of Destiny (11/03)

1. Open the Brave Gate Title: Ishida(c) vs Okuda ***3/4

2. Open the Twin Gate Titles: DG Generation(Lee, Minoura) (c) vs Team Toryumon(Horighuchi, Susumu) ****

3. Open the Dream Gate Title: Eita(c) vs Kzy ***3/4

From Gate of Generation (11/05)

4. DG Generation(Ben-K, Santa Maria, U-T) vs Team Toryumon(Kondo, Dragon Kid, Kagetora) ***3/4

5. R.E.D.(Dia Inferno, Eita, KAI, SB KENTo) vs DG Generation(YAMATO, Dragon Dia, Minoura, Kzy) ***3/4

From Kobe World Festival (11/15)

6. Open the Brave Gate Title: Okuda(c) vs Ishida ****

7. Open the Dream Gate Title: Eita(c) vs Shun Skywalker ***1/2


I landed on these 7 for my pulls from DG for the month of November. I've fallen a bit out of touch with the product or, more accurately, I've stopped watching as much as I used to. For context, I used to consider them the best promotion in the world. Hell, I literally own every single DGUSA dvd ever released. Anyway, let's dig in. The roster has changed a bit over the years and things have changed but these dudes are still sick as fuck.

Gate of Destiny first.

I've said many times over the years that the future was very bright in this company due to how great their newcomers tend to be time and time again. Their system clearly works and is responsible for some of the best in the world. They are also typically super dedicated to the company as proven by the fact that many are lifers. It's one of the big reasons why I am still shocked at times seeing SHINGO in New Japan. The Brave Gate match showcased nicely this point, with both young stars working their asses. Either dude could be a true top player whenever the company is ready to pull the trigger and I'm interested to see which one wins the Dream Gate strap first. Either way, this was a great match and a nice way to start this set.

Admittedly I hate the new belt designs.

Up second, Minoura and Jason Lee took on the Jimmyz boys in a fantastic title match. Kota was brilliant and, of course, the Natural Vibes dudes killed it as always. Everyone really stepped up and the quick pace exchanges were beautifully done. This is classic DG style and I was all in on it. My MOTN from the event.

The attack after sets up a clear next-challenger situation which is always fun.

The Dream Gate match was a lot of fun but the finish was trash. While still a great defense, the air was sucked out of it completely due to the last minute which is a shame. Great match but for a company that tends to do heel shit in a way that I don't hate, I hated this.

A huge brawl followed, lights dimmed, Skywalker returned from his trip to Mexico and cleared house. That was well done, at least.

Two from Gate of Generation now, with some unit warfare. I honestly am still a bit split on my thoughts on the way the roster was split unit-wise but it has grown on me.

The first saw Toryumon and DG allegiants in a great multiman sprint. No one does matches like these at a consistent rate like this company. It feels like a base setting and as if it's just what they do, coming off almost as easy. For a throwaway builder, this was worth seeing.

The other featured R.E.D. unit against DG Generation. Eita was nice and gave Dragon Dia a neck realignment. I like the rivalry they have going between the two masked men as I am a bit of a sucker for stories like these. In all, another great throwaway builder that saw Shun clear house ahead of his challenge. 

Two from Kobe to close, which, for fans that aren't super familiar with the product, is their WrestleMania.

First, a rematch for the Brave Gate strap with Ishida and Okuda stepping up again. Note that the video above features this match and is in English if that matters to you. It was fantastic stuff and truly an awesome showing. These kids are alright!

Last, Eita and Skywalker for the Dream Gate belt. I'm wondering what effect COVID had on booking plans for the company and if they had planned on it playing out this rate. Regardless, this was an interesting one. On one hand, I love the title change. I have followed Shun Skywalker pretty closely since his debut. Even in 2020 when I was limited on time more than ever I watched a lot of his excursion. I also think this was a very good match overall. Still, it felt off. The pacing, the closing sequence...just, everything. Very good, but off. Maybe it's just me. Still, it's recommendation levels and features an important change so check it out and decide for yourself how batshit I am.

Originally, I had a small set of matches from DG in a puro roundup post but as I added a few more I realized it was worth doing this separate. I made the right choice. The roster remains truly magnificent. While the company has peaks and dips, they are clearly on a nice rise right now. I always seek out the best of the best and have no doubt that, once I catch up to 2021, I'll have a lot of pulls from these guys. Make time for anything you missed that sounds interesting and, as always, thanks for reading.

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