Gatoh Move is one of the most unique promotions in the world, thanks to their minimalist approach to the art and their talented roster. That they manage to somehow make the dynamic of a small mat placed in a random building actually work says a lot about them. Imagine what you and your friends did as kids but pros doing it instead. You'll watch and think, "what the fuck am I watching" while being impressed at the same time. This year, they launched a series titled, ChocoProLIVE!, which has helped sell them to a lot of new fans during the pandemic. Below are a selection of matches I picked to check out from the company as a sort of primer not only for readers seeking something different, but for myself as well. I have watched Gatoh in the past but not as often as I'd like. I wanted to dig into this series and this post is the end result. I recommend anything rated at or above ***1/2 and hopefully AEW will bring most of these folk in ASAP!

Hopefully you find something worth checking out!

#1: Minoru Suzuki vs Baliyan Akki ***

From Episode 1

#2: ASUKA vs Mei Suruga ***1/2

From Episode 16

#3: 30 Minute Iron Man: Mei Suruga vs Yuna Mizumori ****

From Episode 17

#4: Emi Sakura vs Mitsuru Konno ***3/4

From Episode 27

#5: Last Man Standing: Emi Sakura vs Yuna Mizumori ***3/4

From Episode 28

#6: Mitsuru Konno vs Tokiko Kirihara ***1/2

From Episode 31

#7: Baliyan Akki vs Tokiko Kirihara ***3/4

From Episode 32

#8: Mei Suruga vs Mitsuru Konno ****

From Episode 33

#9: Obihiro Sayaka vs Emi Sakura ***1/4

From Episode 41

#10: Mei Suruga vs Yuna Mizumori ***1/2

From Episode 49

#11: Emi Sakura, Riho vs Mei Suruga, Yuna Mizumori ***3/4

From Episode 50

#12: Falls Count Anywhere: Mei Suruga vs Ryo Mizunami ****

From Episode 53

#13: I Quit: Chris Brookes, Yuna Mizumori vs Lulu Pencil, Emi Sakura ***1/2

From Episode 63

#14: Baliyan Akki, Mei Suruga vs Emi Sakura, Kaori Yoneyama ***1/2

From Episode 71

#15: Asia Dream Tag Titles: Emi Sakura, Kaori Yoneyama(c) vs Baliyan Akki, Mei Suruga ***3/4

From Episode 76

a mat, a room, some windows!