ROH TV #476 Review


1.Shane Taylor Promotions vs Briscoes, EC3 **3/4

2.ROH Pure Title, Pure Tournament Finals: Gresham vs Hotsauce ***1/2


Quinn kicks us off, promoting the episode's main event and the finals of the Pure Tournament before getting another look at the package setting up the opener. 

That match saw Shane Taylor and crew taking on EC3 and The Briscoes in what was EC3's in ring debut for the company. Admittedly, I am unsure about him being in the company but willing to see where they go with it. My vision for ROH doesn't include dudes like him but they have made some situations work in the past. They've also pushed Bully to nauseum, though. Guess we'll see and at least he is a decent worker. But yea, this was better than expected. The Taylor dudes are so green they don't even have Cagematch profiles yet, but there's potential there for sure. Honestly, this was just a decent start overall.

The package for Gresham/Williams was great as expected. Remember Dojo Pro? Just curious.

The main event was the exact match I was hoping for in the tournament, for the record. Hieracon versus Green Ant! I am excited to see what Gresham does with the women's division and hope they give him a lot of responsibilities in the company in general. The match itself might not have hit the level I was hoping, but it still was pretty good stuff and they made the time fly by here. My sole complaint is that I wish they had upped the intensity level just a touch. Still, a worthy final either way.

I am happy they kept the classic style for the belt and thankful that Gresham got the nod. I am excited to see what happens next and give a thumbs up in general for the revival of the strap and direction I have been seeing in ROH. Check this one out if you have a chance, with the main event getting priority if pressed for time, presuming you missed it.

Watch HERE.

Overall Rating: 70/100%

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