ROH TV #475 Review


1.Gresham vs Woods ***1/2

2. Lethal vs Hotsauce ****


I'll be adding a review for 476 in a bit, too. The two episodes cover the semi and finals for the Pure Tournament, crowning a new champ. I love that they finally revived this title and while I have numerous issues with ROH, I applaud them for being one of the better at handling the virus by all accounts.

So, the final four are Gresham, Lethal, Woods, and Hotsauce. A great group of talent that represent the style well. I have hopes for the division and know ROH intends to tighten up the divisions. I have no idea why dipshit Flip is working matches against them, though.

Up first, The Goods versus The Octopus. I am excited about The Foundation. I wanted Lifeblood to be great but things didn't line up. This should be the Catchpoint of Ring of Honor! But yea, I love the pure rules and am very happy they are a thing again in ROH and the style and rules were utilized super well here. This was very good and a highlight of what I expect from such a match.

We see Vincent taking out Taven next in a decent segment and then a spotlight on EC3.

Lastly, the almighty Tracy Williams against Jay Lethal. I've been a huge fan of Tracy since his days in CHIKARA and have followed him closely. He continues to be used as a bit player but I honestly think the Pure Championship returning gives him a shot at a major run as champ sooner than later. But yea, another nice example of why I love the genre here and some nice storytelling mixed in for good measure. Great stuff and MOTN. Nah, fuck it...that was fantastic!

Can we get Hechicero and Virus in for a Pure Championship match, please?

In all, this was a very enjoyable episode and I love the format switch they've been doing. I have no idea if they kept the style after the tournament, but I hope they did. The promos, clips, etc work perfectly and it feels like Ring of Honor actually has real, true direction right now. Also, Quinn rocks.

Watch HERE if you missed it. Like, now!

Overall Rating: 85/100%

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