1.NWA TV Title: Dice(c) vs Burke **1/4

2.Aldis vs Clearwater **1/2

3.NWA World Women's Title: Thunder Rosa(c) vs Deeb ***1/2

4.NWA World Tag Titles: Drake, Storm(c) vs Stevens, JR Kratos **1/2


For those wondering, Watch Now! Wrestling content will get back on schedule on Monday.

The season finale of Shockwave, which is the NWA series repurposing UWN Primetime content and three of the main NWA belts are on the line. They're doing what they can given the circumstances and it is what it is. I don't mind because it was easier than buying the ppvs, though I think the formatting and general approach needs work. Alas, I am not on their payroll so it doesn't matter.

Up first, Dice defended the TV gold against The Pope. I don't care much for Dice, finding him average across the board. Pope is far from the worker that he was back in the day (when he could have been a star) but still decent so I am glad he got the nod here. Dice reportedly wanted out anyway but I do give him credit because that promo on Corgan was funny shit. The match was basic, but worked for what it was. Not good, not bad. Just there.

Pope's promo in post was enjoyable.

Aldis in non-title action next against Clearwater. Clearly a test for Clearwater and a move along W for the National Treasure, this was a throwaway match up and nothing more. Clearly, Clearwater has some light at the end of the tunnel ahead.

The women's match was as good as expected. Of course, if you watched UWN Primetime or AEW you'd know the outcome heading in, but I personally don't care about spoilers in most cases. Plus, I am way behind right now, either way. It was a bit raw around the edges but in a way that worked in service of the match and the entire thing was pretty good through the hard work and determination of both to make it so. My only real nitpick is the finish as I really don't care much for flash pin endings, but that's just a personal choice. Still, this was easily MOTN and worth a look if you missed out.

Deeb got the mic after and I loved it. I am really hopeful she keeps the belt once Powerrr returns.

The main event saw Storm and Eli defend the World Tag Championships in a decent but admittedly largely forgettable contest with a shit finish. No Question Mark, but Kratos teamed with Stevens instead. Honestly, Kratos could be a good addition to the NWA roster and while I've been clear in the past that I don't care for Aron in the slightest, past a small novelty from time to time, I can support this union for the sake of seeing JR as 1/2 of the holders for now. I'm intrigued. One things for sure, either way; the NWA will look different once Powerrr does return. 

This was honestly not a great episode, even with the many title matches and title changes. But, it served a purpose. Three new champs, a forward movement for the NWA, some good promos, and one match worth actually seeing. If you're a diehard NWA supporter, consider watching if you missed it. Otherwise, just watch the Thunder/Deeb encounter.

Overall Rating: 60/100%