We are STARDOM!! #47 Review


1.Future of STARDOM Title: Maika(c) vs Saya ***1/2

2.Wonder of STARDOM Title: Giulia(c) Himeka ***3/4


Following the absolute banger of an episode that was #46, We are STARDOM!! #47 started with Maika defending the Future of STARDOM Championship against Saya Kamitani. It lived up to the name of the strap, with both stepping up nicely and looking like true future big stars of the company. The champ in particular looks poised for a big push sooner than later, too. Very good stuff and a nice start to the episode.

The main this time featured Giulia defending the white belt once more against her stable mate, Himeka. The challenger attacked early and acting a bit cocky in her approach early on before the champ put her back in her place. From there, they traded control at a nice rate before a Glorious Driver finished it. I thought this was great stuff and I enjoyed the emotion on display after, too.

Like most editions, this is worth watching. Click play above if you skipped it.

Overall Rating: 80/100%