Best of NJPW STRONG 2020 Review


1.Rosser vs Connors *3/4

2.Lion's Break: Crown Final: Connors vs Limelight ***

3.Lawlor vs Rosser ***1/4

4.White vs Romero ***1/2


I won the Fite bundle for the new set of STRONG episodes this past week, but I am trying to finish off 2020 real quick. Lets move along forward with this special release, showcasing what NJPW has declared the best matches from the first year of the new brand.

The graphics during the matches, including the plate on top as well as the NJPW World promotion in the bottom corner made this feel like something a small indie would put out. Their production team needs to be spoken to. Also, no offense to Kevin Kelly, but how the hell would anyone see this very average, super standard match and think it is a best of anything? Connors has potential for sure, but even for a young lions match this was basic.

The second match was actually good, with Connors taking down Limelight in the Lion's Break: Crown Finals. The tournament was basically the US YLC and a good victory for Connors. It's smart that they seem to have something planned for him and I'd like to see his continued progression.

Want pure entertainment? Watch the ad with the LA Dojo. Magic.

The third match was fairly good, with Lawlor is awful never nude style attire against Rosser. I never considered Darren Young a good worker to be honest but Lawlor brought out the best in him here. I am pretty sure that's his ceiling. Lawlor in NJPW STRONG feels like a good fit.

They ended with the best match of the special. White played it straight and I appreciated Romero getting close to beating him without actually doing so. It was booked well and the layout worked nicely. In all, pretty good stuff.

NJPW STRONG is similar to watching Lions Gate shows or AEW Dark. You'll rarely be sucked in to something amazing but there are some tiny gems and it can be fun seeing talent mature and grow. I'm surprised they didn't air anything with KENTA, Cobb, or Finlay. As for the special, I'll give it a slight recommendation but only for fans wanting to see what NJPW was up to in the states in 2020. If that's not you, just consider the main. 

Overall Rating: 70/100%

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