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Select Match Reviews: North Bey (IMPACT)

Matches from IMPACT Wrestling 04/07: 1.Daga vs Bey *** 2.The North vs Tessa, Edwards ***1/2 Thoughts: The first pull this week was good, X-Division action. Nothing must-see, but still a largely enjoyable experience with Daga coming off nicely and Bey getting a solid shock style victory. The main event was borderline great with some good story work attached. Check out the tag match for sure. Feel safe skipping the other.

Select Match Reviews: Keikai (J-Stage)

Matches from J-Stage 03/18: 1.Yukihi, Anou vs Sumire, Rina *** 2.Elimination: Kodaka, Shimomura, Keisuke, Ohka, Iwasaki vs Gunso, Kinoshita, Tanizaki, Paloma, YASSHI ***1/4 3.Astronauts vs Yuya, Seiki ***1/2 4.Tanaka, Kuroda vs Jinsei, Pegaso ***1/4 5.Strong Hearts(Lindaman,T-Hawk),Yoshida,Chikano vs Strong Hearts(CIMA,Irie,Issei),Rekka **** 6.Isaka vs Takahiro ***1/2 Thoughts: J-Stage is a fun promotion to watch when I get the chance, so I went ahead and broke back into March content for a show from them when I realized I had missed it. I might have also found another show or two to watch from the month for those that care since I'll have more time to dig for gems with so little new content coming. Also, STARDOM added a new episode of We are to YouTube but it features content I've seen (from their Empty Gate show) so I'm skipping that. MLW, W1, AAA, AJPW, and Lucha Memes reviews should be up when I get the chance. Me getting a chance to even post this, and the

See You Soon

I intended to have a review of a recent J-Stage show up before now, but my ambitions were too grand it seems. So, tomorrow I hit the road for Maryland, leaving from Texas. I will be there for a while. Don't expect any posts until this weekend at soonest, but I appreciate all that continue to visit and enjoy older content. Thanks and stay safe!

Select Match Reviews: Road to Nothing (IMPACT)

Matches from IMPACT Wrestling 03/31: 1.Edwards vs Alexander **3/4 2.Street Fight: Dreamer vs Callihan **1/2 3.Tessa vs Page *** Thoughts: Like the TNA special episode, IMPACT in general was building toward some plot points including Tessa and Eddie versus The North. As a result, we got these two promising singles matches as teasers. Now, sadly we won't get to see that tag encounter anytime soon but lets not dwell on the bad. I also added the Callihan one simply because I was bored. Up first, Edwards and Josh had a solid match with a shit finish. Very forgettable stuff, though Alexander winning felt like a cool moment I suppose. Sami's promo prematch was very good. The street fight was about as good as you'd expect a Dreamer match in 2020 (or really in general). The post was...meh. Closing this out, Tessa and Page had a good match but nothing really must-see. It had a better finish and the post-match was actually good stuff. IMPACT can be very good but this

Select Match Reviews: TNA 2020 (IMPACT)

Match from TNA One Night Only on AXS: 1.Suicide, Manik vs Swinger, Kash **1/2 Thoughts: So, they ran this to help promote a Mania week show that's obviously not happening. I'm one of the few people that seem to like the Suicide character even though I admit it was never really used very well. The use of Manik as a partner was...interesting. Note that I'm writing this while wearing my TNA shirt. Have Caleb and TJP worked a lot as a team in the past? Just curious. Cagematch shows no. Sadly, while I had minor hopes for this one, it still underwhelming. Decent overall but super average and one of the most skippable matches I've seen all year, largely due to how basic and bland their opponents are. So...yea, skip it. If they want to run this team again, they need better opponents. I'm all for a lot more Suicide usage, for the record. It'd be nice to see a better usage this time!