Select Match Reviews: TNA 2020 (IMPACT)

Match from TNA One Night Only on AXS:
1.Suicide, Manik vs Swinger, Kash **1/2

So, they ran this to help promote a Mania week show that's obviously not happening. I'm one of the few people that seem to like the Suicide character even though I admit it was never really used very well. The use of Manik as a partner was...interesting.

Note that I'm writing this while wearing my TNA shirt.

Have Caleb and TJP worked a lot as a team in the past? Just curious. Cagematch shows no.

Sadly, while I had minor hopes for this one, it still underwhelming. Decent overall but super average and one of the most skippable matches I've seen all year, largely due to how basic and bland their opponents are. So...yea, skip it. If they want to run this team again, they need better opponents. I'm all for a lot more Suicide usage, for the record. It'd be nice to see a better usage this time!