Select Match Reviews: Road to Nothing (IMPACT)

Matches from IMPACT Wrestling 03/31:
1.Edwards vs Alexander **3/4
2.Street Fight: Dreamer vs Callihan **1/2
3.Tessa vs Page ***

Like the TNA special episode, IMPACT in general was building toward some plot points including Tessa and Eddie versus The North. As a result, we got these two promising singles matches as teasers. Now, sadly we won't get to see that tag encounter anytime soon but lets not dwell on the bad.

I also added the Callihan one simply because I was bored.

Up first, Edwards and Josh had a solid match with a shit finish. Very forgettable stuff, though Alexander winning felt like a cool moment I suppose.

Sami's promo prematch was very good. The street fight was about as good as you'd expect a Dreamer match in 2020 (or really in general). The post was...meh.

Closing this out, Tessa and Page had a good match but nothing really must-see. It had a better finish and the post-match was actually good stuff.

IMPACT can be very good but this was middle ground stuff and really not anything I could recommend. I know Kylie worked this which is cool and some of the angle things here were okay but just skip this one in general.

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