Top Five AEW vs IMPACT Match Options

Now that it's official, as had been teased for a decent amount of time now, I think we should go ahead and look at the five biggest/best matches we need to see out of the partnership of AEW and IMPACT. Join me, won't you?

5. The North vs FTR

It's already being teased, but a feud between these two teams is required at this point and should make for an amazing series of matches.

4. Callihan vs Moxley

Violence. Pure violence. You know you want to see how brutal this would be in 2021 and I am hoping we get that chance.

3. Willie Mack vs Kenny Omega

I wanted to include Mack in this because the dude is just so fucking good. While there are many names that would be fun to see him face off against, such as Darby Allin (we need a rematch between Page and Darby by the way), Kenny is easily the best option for me and the most likely to provide a bitchin' match.

2. Motor City Machine Guns vs The Young Bucks

We need this to happen obviously. I mean, this match not happening again would be a travesty. Two of the best and most innovative teams of all time, with history to boot. Not only do I want to see this in 2021, but I am also willing to go ahead and say it WILL happen and it WILL be as good as we are hoping it will be.

1. Blood & Guts Match: Bullet Club vs The World: Kenny, Bucks, Good Brothers vs Cody, Aldis, Swann, Page, Laredo Kid

The ultimate payoff match, based off of what we have now and a logical booking movement forward, would see Kenny align with Anderson and Gallows, joined by a full heel Bucks duo essentially reuniting the Bullet Club. Likely under a different name unless New Japan comes in. I still think the benefits of a deal with DDT are far more worthwhile for the record but I'll digress from that here. So, have Kenny retain the AAA Mega Championship at TripleMania, the Bucks win the AEW Tag belts, and the Good Brothers holding the IMPACT Tag belts. They run roughshod over the partner brands, perhaps with Kenny even winning the NWA belt and IMPACT belt, too. That's not needed, though. Then on the face side, Cody could forge a hesitant partnership with Aldis, add Swann to the batch from the IMPACT side. Throw in Adam Page for obvious reasons and an extra name (Laredo makes sense as of now) and you have not only a great story but the set up for an amazing match. It also helps keep egos and politics to the side as much as possible.

I am aware of how many dream matches I have left off, which truly showcases how great this move is. Let me know why I am wrong, what you want most, and whatever else you are thinking about in regards to the move either in the comments or on the various attached social media accounts.

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