We are STARDOM!! #42 Review

1.Captain's Fall: TCS vs Oedo Tai **3/4
2.Queen's Quest vs Team Marvelous ****
3.Donna del Mondo vs STARS ***1/4

5STAR Special time on We are STARDOM!! which looks to set things up following the big tournament. 

We started this edition with a captain's fall six-woman match with TCS going over Oedo Tai thanks to a DQ finish. It was chaotic but not necessarily in a bad way a worked as a decent start to the installment even if well below the recommendation cutoff. The Oedo Tai booking needs strengthened up quick.

Next, Queen's Quest teamed up against Team Marvelous! This specific match was actually one I was very eager to see and they more than delivered. The energy alone made it worth seeing, but the action was tight, brisk, and just simply well done, too. It also set up future matches and featured a surprising outcome so that's truly icing. Watch this one if nothing else!

We close with STARS and DdM going to a draw. The match itself was heavily edited down for the record to less than a 3rd for the record. I'd add that I recently mentioned in another review that time limit related finishes are tricky and hard to do right. Seeing as this was cut down to basically just highlights, it's hard to complain much and the end stretch was truly enjoyable. I rated what I was given and enjoyed it for what it was, and on that not it was fairly good. The drama built up perfectly and there was some nice story work attached. In all, a nice way to end #42.

This episode represents the final episode of the series covering content from September. All that remains for September is my G1 pulls, which I will review as a whole post that looks like it will be about 15 deep. I'll be releasing that as soon as possible but will start posting November content along the way.

Overall Rating: 75/100%

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