New AEW World Champion

For major title changes, I am planning on making posts going forward. Along with the new Watch Now series of posts, I am hoping it helps liven up the blog in a way that is beneficial to you, the reader.

Last night, for those that missed it, Kenny Omega aligned with Callis and took down the reigning champion, Jon Moxley. Canadian X now holds both the AEW Heavyweight belt as well as the AAA Mega Championship, the latter of which is actually being defended on the upcoming TripleMania show against Laredo Kid.

Hopefully, the end game is a Blood & Guts match in 2021 with Kenny, The Young Bucks, Anderson, and Gallows against an assortment of talent from IMPACT, AEW, and more. I am also hoping they have Kenny go on a rampage and win the top belts in DDT(a match that is already set for the future), NWA, IMPACT, and more.

Remember, while I don't give a fuck about the billionaires involved, I LOVE the extra exposure this creates for the workers. If politics and egos stay away as much as possible, this is great for everyone.

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