1.Titan vs Soberano (09/25) ****1/4

2.Templario vs Volador Jr (09/25) ****

3.Ladder: Styles vs Jeff vs Zayn (09/27) ****1/4

4.Ambulance: McIntyre vs Orton (09/27) ***1/2

5.Reigns vs Jey Uso (09/27) ****


Up first, a truly fantastic lucha libre contest featuring Titan and Soberano showcasing why the genre is worth a look. They built up nicely across the window of time with well placed big spots, near falls, and technicality. Even naysayers of the style should enjoy this. 

The other Aniversario pull featured Volador, a dude that can be amazing when he actually tries, against Templario, a dude that can be amazing when booked in the right match. They stepped up nicely and made this feel far shorter than it was thanks largely to the nice pace and well placed spots. This was the Volador I was hoping for! Fantastic stuff for sure and certainly worth seeing.

The three-way ladder match was insane. I am a sucker for a good ladder match and this really was fantastic. The big spots all worked nicely and honestly the finish was creative. Despite my expectations, this exceeded them and is for sure worth a watch.

The ambulance match was a pretty fun brawl, though I admittedly could have done without the bits of interference featuring some legends. Luckily, they somehow didn't take much away either though and just kept down time moments a bit more interesting. Popcorn entertainment.

We close this with Roman Reigns and Jey Uso in an emotion based battle. I remember the general consensus here was that the match was amazing solely due to the storytelling and that the action itself was good but nothing major. Or that's what people I trust the opinion of seemed to say when it aired. If memory serves, at least. Regardless, I do agree that it's nice seeing Jey get a push at all. I also appreciate Roman's heel turn and alignment with the ultimate conman, Paul Heyman. In many ways, this showcased what sports entertainment is supposed to be as a style and honestly it really did rock in that form. Again, the wrestling wont blow you away but the heart and story work makes it worth the look. Fantastic stuff all together.