Select Match Reviews: Eoin Colfer (Dragon Gate)

Match from Dragon Gate Dangerous Gate 09/21/2020

1.Steel Cage Six Way Survival: BxB vs Yoshino vs YAMATO vs Eita vs Big R vs KAI ****


With this post, all that remains in the month of September is an episode of We are STARDOM!! and a roundup of G1 matches. That said, I couldn't pass up seeing this match. These damn cage matches are always a fucking spectacle of the highest level and are truly glorious in their chaos. 

If you've never seen one before, think of WarGames but with the entire non-participant roster at ringside, flags hung on top to give the workers a way to escape, and a crap load of over the top action and drama including betrayals, confetti guns, a bag of baseballs, and a no sell table. 

It's truly a sight to see.

I won't ruin anything, because I think you really should just go out of your way to see this. This roster remains one of the more creative, athletic, and talented in the world and truly deserve more attention. I sadly think the streaming service attached to the brand is trash, for the record, but find a way to watch and support the talent.

HERE'S the rules if you'd like to read them prior

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