Fans sometimes create an image of someone in their heads and stick so hard to it that anything bad is seen as a personal attack. Reminding folks of misdoings, especially things as terrible as sexual assault and pedophilia allegations has apparently put a target on my back from diehards. This includes death threats, being mocked as a retard (as if people with mental deficiencies are worth mocking), being called a troll, and more of the fun things that come along with the internet.

If you were brought here and plan on leaving such comments, know that you truly are hurting the business you claim to love. 

So, I'll let the folks rage themselves to sleep instead of doing research. The sooner we expose the ugliness of the industry, the better it will be. Heroes aren't perfect and accepting some are fucked up is okay, even if they just died. 

Let's move forward, not back.

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