Red's RBI #8 (11/23-11/29)

Running a bit behind this week, obviously, but it's been chaotic around here including a strained ankle. Yay for that, I suppose? 

The Dinamo women's team crumbled again, this time falling by nearly 20 to Costa. Plain and simple, this season for the club has been rough and the men's side has been a mixed bag. Pass me a drink.

College basketball returned during the week, which is fun. I made time to check out one game this time around.

Ohio State's first two games of the year ended in victory. I managed to catch their UMass-Lowell game and, at risk of jinxing things, I must say that this seems like a team capable of a nice run in the tournament. They started slow and kept it far too close, far too long for comfort, but I saw some sparks here that could be fruitful. December will be the true test with Notre Dame on the 8th, UNC on the 19th, and Rutgers on the 23rd. If they can win at least two of these and walk out with wins in basically all the others, I will consider myself justified in my claim.

Mike Tyson smoked a joint, then fought an exhibition fight that he won. The judges scored it a draw due to the egos involved and the fact that, despite the projections, that generation is the participation trophy gen.

The Jets took on Miami with SD back under center....and lost big sending them to 0-11. The whole damn team needs an overhaul and has for a while. But the folks at top will keep selling out those below them instead.

USC had their game rescheduled as we continue to see colleges pretend it makes sense to run games right now.

Ohio State had their game cancelled as we continue to see colleges pretend it makes sense to run games right now.

The Aggies had LSU this week in a game played with fans in a college town that is facing spikes. I loved my time in BCS, but it's not an area known for handling shit very well. Seeing swarms of maskeless fans in attendance proved me correct. Despite the Tigers have a 3-3 record coming in and being unranked, it was clear before kickoff that this was going to be one of the biggest challenges for Texas A&M of the year. At least, that's what I thought heading in. Instead, the boys in maroon stepped up and made it clear that they aren't going to just accept the #5 ranking. They want a playoff spot and honestly are showing that they deserve one, too.

'Cuse had NC State on their plate. They started the game with a TD on the kickoff, but by the end of the dollar they saw a knockoff. 1-9 is a bitter taste, it was a close game what a fucking waste. Back and forth they went, but NC State took the win in this sprint. Rhyme shit aside, the way this game ended in a thud is representative of the entire season.

Benetton lost again. Is anyone else surprised? The team has been almost Jets levels of bad this year and has shown little signs of true effort and determination. The wholes are glaring and the leadership is lacking in any fundamental way that might right the ship.

RIP Diego!

AS Roma played twice, once in Europa action and the other in Serie A. The Europa game against CFD Cluj was draped in heavy fog and made for a fun image and the outcome was satisfactory. The knockout stag should be interesting. Sadly, the motivation of winning the contest didn't translate to proper enthusiasm and confidence against Napoli, though, as the club was drowned out 4-0 in one of those games that you really just have to win. They are now 6th on the table and will need to climb back up the hard way but the titan's shadow of Milan is likely too much for not just them, but the rest of the league, too.

Manchester City had two, as well but the outcome was anything but the same. They started with a 1-0 victory over Olympiacos in their Champions League group stage game and then downed Burnley 5-0 in the EPL. That last one was a rather brutal display but a necessary one. 

Club America's playoff run was a wet thud, with Guadalajara taking the quarters 3-1 in two legs. Like the New York Red Bulls, they came in with heart but faltered early and fell off. Their next game is in the CONCACAF Champions League on the 16th against Atlanta United in leg 2 with a 3-0 advantage.

RB Leipzig failed to defeat PSG in Champions League group stage action, falling 0-1 but managed to win their domestic league contest against Arminia 2-1 days later. They sit just below Bayern on the table.

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