We are STARDOM!! #40 Review


1.AZM vs Syuri NR

2.Giulia vs Tam ***1/2

3.Maika vs Utami ***


The 5*STAR GP continues on this installment, with loads of clips along the way. Mayu and Death Yama-san's comedy based contest was a highlight from that batch as was Momo vs Utami's draw. 

The first match we saw more than just a clip of was a sprint with a flash finish that we was still too short to rate. 

The episode's best match and the sole recommendation worthy contest of the evening, for those just wanting to watch something quicker than the full episode, was Tam and Giulia's very good encounter. Giulia can be pretty enjoyable in the right setting and Tam is vastly underrated. They worked hard, gelled nicely, and told a good story. I also appreciated the outcome. Their previous singles match was also enjoyable and I look forward to seeing more from them.

Closing this one, DdM's Maika and the rising star, Utami, went one on one. The Queen's Quest talent has been booked nicely of late so I was admittedly surprised at the outcome, but it worked given the circumstances of Maika being in her hometown. Some good technical stuff and a good overall match. Both still have work to do and Utami still clearly requires someone above her abilities to push matches forward, but it's barely meant as a knock and I am sure she, and Maika, will get there soon.

In all, another enjoyable episode but also one of the more skippable ones if you are pressed for time. If that's so, even with these episodes being short as is, just watch the Giulia/Tam match.

Overall Rating: 70/100%

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