We are STARDOM!! #39 Review


1.Mayu vs Konami ***1/2

2.Giulia vs Konami ***1/4

3.AZM vs Utami ***1/4


We start this week with highlights from night three of the 5STAR GP, with perhaps the biggest moment being Tora beating Momo thanks to a viscous choke out with a steel chain. Note that the 38th episode was skipped due to it being a flashback filler installment.

We then moved straight to our first match of the episode, which saw Mayu and Konami go one on one where the two would put in for a very pleasant opener for the installment. The champ tried a lot of her tricks, but a spark from her opponent led to the upset outcome. The storytelling of this tournament is on par with the quality of the content thus far.

Konami is on the rise, y'all!

Jungle and Oedo Tai set up their awaited match that might see TCS disband in the next clip before we moved to night four. In the clip portion, we saw Mayu get a win back while teaming with Hanan. Their tails were too much, it seems. 

Konami got another spotlight in our second (mostly) full match of the evening, moving the episode on with a contest against Giulia. While I didn't enjoy it as much as the first match aired here, I did love the outcome. Konami beating both the red and white belt champs in two days. Not only did that solidify her rise up the roster, it proved that she is a true threat to anyone she faces. 

Closing things out, AZM and Utami had a very fun sprint but one that ended before it could turn into something truly worthwhile which is sad because they were only a few minutes off. Still, it really was entertaining and they closed the show off nicely enough. Hard to really complain too much.

While this weeks episode was one of the weaker releases, it was still a breeze to watch and more than worth the time as a whole. The opener was the best and the match I'd suggest if you just want to watch one thing and don't have time for the rest.

Overall Rating: 70/100%

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