The Mets got some news this week, as Cano will miss the 2021 season due to testing positive for PED's. DJ is being courted by both New York squads. The Yankees appear to be tendering Gary Sanchez which I take as a sign that they are going to open their pocket books up. It's going to be very interesting in New York over the next few months.


Dinamo Sassari won their Serie A league game against Bakken by seven. Their game set for the 22nd against Cremona was cancelled. Cremona has cancelled their past three games. The women's team could only put in 57 and were outclassed by Venezia's 97 in their first game since the 24th of October (COVID).

In Brooklyn news, the Nets legit have a chance to make New York theirs for good right now and stick a knife in the Knicks. Joe Harris has agreed to return, and Shamet comes in along with Jeff Green. KD and Kyrie have help around them and there is still a slight chance Harden comes, too. They own the headlines right now and behind a stacked roster, all they need to do now is win some damn basketball games. Time will tell if the Nets are able to step out of the little brother position, but this is their best chance at doing exactly that.


The Jets had the Charges this week. Rumors of Darnold being traded continue, which I believe to be a disaster of an idea. The desire to grab a shiny new toy (Trevor Lawrence) is far too enticing for shortminded fans and staffers it seems, forgetting once again how illogical the move is and how doing such things would get us right back where we are right now if we were to pull the trigger. Remember, Sam is young and talented but is surrounded by a turnstile line and has no true targets, which has stunted his development. Plug him in any other system in the league and he'd have been a star right now. We're just that damn inept. As far as the Charges game goes, Gang Green started hot with some big plays on defense and special teams, including a blocked punt setting them up early with perfect field position. The offense was surprisingly able to turn that into a TD. On the next drive, the defense forced a fumble right at the goal line but on the first offensive play after a pick six proved that the night was still young. After that, the game just got away from them slowly but surely. While they came within 8 and had a chance at the end to tie it up, it never felt like it was going to actually happen. Sure, there were some highlights sprinkled here and there, but inevitably the punchline ran on once more.

Syracuse had a Friday game against Louisville. Seeking their second win of the year, but instead they were swallowed up and ate their 7th L instead. Some teams play a quarter or two and fail because they refuse to play the full dollar. The Orange have simply been sleeping through a majority of the season.

Texas A&M's game with Ole Miss was postponed. Taking a look at the photos of College Station makes it easy to understand why. Honestly, living there for a few years makes it pretty easy to know why, too. Leadership matters and to be blunt the BCS area tends to lack in that department.

Ohio State came in ranked third in the nation, taking on conference opponent, and ninth ranked, Indiana. It was an exciting game that sealed Fields as a true Heisman candidate. Indiana came from behind and got some sweat going, but the Buckeyes pulled out victorious in the end and are one step closer to a playoff spot. This was my game of the week and worth watching for football fans that missed it. Three games remain and not a single one should be a threat as long as OSU stays awake.

USC played late on Saturday against Utah, coming in 2-0 on the season. For the Utes, this was their first game of the year and it showed. Multiple turnovers moved the game away from them as time ticked away. Special props go to Parker Lewis, USC Kicker, for putting up nearly half of the total points for the Trojans. The way they have been playing, they could just as easily be 0-3 right now but there is a charm here that is making this imperfect team fun as hell to watch.


Benetton continued their ways, falling to Cardiff 22-5 on Monday in the rain and then to the Ospreys 24-44 on Sunday. Frankly, they haven't earned more of a write up than this.


Italia have launched themselves into the Nations League final four, beating Bosnia 2-0, despite over 20 players being unavailable currently. The fact that they have direction right now regardless of the depressing situation and are showing true aggression has made the team a delight to watch and there's reason to have faith that the azzurri could take this tournament. 

RB Leipzig tied 1-1 against Eintracht Frankfurt, keeping the club from joining Bayern at the top of the table in the process. They have dropped to third now as a result and have PSG in Champions League action this upcoming Tuesday.

Tottenham downed Manchester City, further exposing faults while showcasing themselves as true threats. It was a hard game to watch, personally, and another example of how aimless the team has felt this year despite the talent on board. Over twenty attempts on goal and nothing to show for it is the biggest red flag here. Making chances is always great, but if you cannot find the back of the net it means nothing in the end. Their Champions League game on Wednesday will be one to keep an eye on for more reasons than one.

The New York Red Bulls played MLS Playoff action this weekend against Columbus. They had the lead early but the late game magic they had shown throughout the regular season wasn't there this time around. Being outed so early, 3-2, is heartbreaking for a team that had shown a lot of spirit in their imperfections and were seeking a first MLS Championship. The better team truly won regardless and it's back to the drawing board for NY. Thanks for the entertaining run the past few months, even if it ended in a bit of a thud.

AS Roma put Parma down 3-0 and put themselves 3rd on the table above Juventus and Inter for now. Including their last Europa League contest, Roma has won their last four games and has their eyes set on a fifth against CFR Cluj and Napoli this coming week.