1.Giulia vs Konami ***1/2

2.Tam vs Tora ***1/2


This episode focuses on the Explode in Summer show, which saw a tournament to crown a new Wonder of STARDOM Champ after the retirement of Arisa during the pandemic break. With the loses of her along with the passing of Hana during that same window and adding in the inability to use gajin talents on the show, STARDOM was looking a bit different than they were pre-pandemic, but they are such a stacked joshi fed that they were more than able to step up and keep pumping out fun content.

RIP Hana.

Up first, Giulia and Konami kicked things off with a good match and the right person winning. Admittedly I was expecting a tad more, but it's a minor nitpick as they still worked hard and I think the biggest thing was just that they worked a format that was a bit different than I expected. Note it was still worth seeing for sure, so don't mistake that as anything majorly negative.

Next, Tam and Tora competed in the other tournament match. Tora attacked early, hitting the babyface with a chair while Saki and Starlight battled ringside. The early weapon usage and general heel tactics provided Tam for a chance to showoff her comeback from behind skills which is always fun when done right. And Tam does most things right, so obviously that worked out well. I would have preferred a better finish, but it was fine for what it was. Post, Tora and Oedo Tai attacked out of frustration and then Giulia and Tam shared a moment building up their title match.

Once again, this episode served as a strong and highly entertaining watch. STARDOM is wrestling done right and We are STARDOM!! is peak wrestling television.

Overall Rating: 80/100%