We are STARDOM!! #31 Review


1.DDM vs Oedo Tai ***

2.Mayu vs Momo vs Konami ***3/4

3.Riho, STARS vs DDM ***1/2


All I have left from July is a few episodes of my favorite weekly series, We are STARDOM!! so lets dig in.

Up first, Giulia and her team of dicks took on the Oedo Tai dicks in trios action which served as a fun way to start the episode and the finish was a nice surprise as Saki gave Giulia her first pinfall L to date in the company as best as I can tell. She was pissed! After, Saki slapped the taste of of her mouth.

In the two spot, we had a major, high octane three-way match full of drama and some creativity. As far as time limit draws go, this was one of my favorites and well worth seeing. Post-match, Mayu called out Jungle and said she wants her next defense to be versus her but mentioned she wants to give Konami and Momo a shot after.

Riho teamed with STARS to take on DDM in out third contest of the installment which was a good fit for her. As a result, we had a strong face vs heel tone to the match. In the end, DDM got a victory back and took down the bubblegum girls and it was another enjoyable outing from all involved. A tournament was set up after.

The moral of the episode is that dicks prevail...I guess....

Either way, you'd be hard pressed to find a more entertaining, action-packed 30 minutes of wrestling anywhere else. Episode 32 will be up soon.

Overall Rating: 85/100%

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