We are STARDOM!! #33 Review


1.Future of STARDOM Title: Maika vs Iida vs Kamitani ***1/4

2.High Speed Title: Riho(c) vs Starlight Kid vs AZM ***1/2


This time we start with the Future of STARDOM Championship on the line, which is a belt that was vacated early in the year by Utami. They used an interesting gimmick here which saw a revolving set of singles matches between the three talents and to win you needed to pick up two victories in a row. I've only seen this used a few times, but I find it to be a decent concept and in this case it actually worked well to showcase these ladies all things considered. Truly, I think this proved that they all three are going to be bright aspects of STARDOM's future. 

The main event this week saw more gold on the line with Riho defending the High Speed Championship against Starlight Kid and AZM. Keeping with the theme, this was high speed, full of energy, and briskly paced with all three putting in for a mostly smooth spotfest that ended when AZM put away Starlight with the Azumi Sushi. This was the  

In all, this week's episode looked more at low and mid card belts being defended but was still enjoyable enough to recommend checking out as a whole once again.

A new edition of Open the Dungeon Gate along with a side story detailing more world building should be up soon, I am launching Red Rose Monthly soon, the next set of results from the TRUE tournament, more STARDOM, and much more in general is coming. Stay tuned as always and thanks for reading.

Overall Rating: 75/100%

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