RWB TRUE World Open Championship Invitational League Announcement

Utilizing Fire Pro World, I will be holding a huge tournament featuring the top champions in wrestling to crowd the RWB TRUE World Championship. This is an openweight, open gender title. Eligible competitors must hold a subjectively significant tiered championship as of September 15th to qualify and work for one of the following companies (listed alphabetically): AAA, AEW, AJPW, BJW, CMLL, CZW, DDT, Dragon Gate, GCW, Ice Ribbon, IMPACT, IWRG, MLW, NJPW, NOAH, NWA, Oz Academy, PROGRESS, PWG, RevPro, ROH, TJP, Sendai, SEAdLINNNG, SHIMMER, STARDOM, WWE, and wXw. I will run one of these for teams, too. The winner will defend monthly against the person I pick as wrestler of the month unless someone wins a televised match against them in which case that person gets the shot.

More details and coverage to follow.

Here's the lineup:

-AAA: Omega, Daga, Laredo Kid, Taya

-AEW: Moxley, Brodie, Shida

-AJPW: Suwama, Yoshitatsu

-BJW: Daichi, Ito

-CMLL: Ultimo Guerrero, Niebla, Cuatrero, Volador, Caristico 

-CZW: Gacy

-DDT: Endo, Brookes

-Dragon Gate: Eita, Ishida


-Ice Ribbon: Suzu

-IMPACT: Young, Purrazzo, Raju

-IWRG: Hijo de Canis Lupus, Emperador

-MLW: Fatu, Hammerstone, Reed

-NJPW: Naito, Suzuki, Ishimori

-NOAH: Go, Kenou

-NWA: Aldis, Thunder

-PROGRESS: Cara Noir, Jinny, Robinson

-PWG: Bandido

-RevPro: Ospreay

-ROH: Rush, Dragon Lee


-Sendai: Chihiro

-SHIMMER: Kimber

-STARDOM: Mayu, Giulia

-TJP: Yuka

-WWE: McIntyre, Asuka, Jeff, Reigns, Lashley, Devlin, Bayley, Balor, Io, WALTER, Kay Lee Ray, Escobar

-wXw: Gunns

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