The latest episode of Ten Pounds of Gold builds up Mike Bennett's challenge for Aldis' NWA World Heavyweight Championship, with the usual, well done personal touches tacked on throughout. Mike chats about his passion for the industry and why he refuses to give up. Nick gets plugged for his value as the face of the brand. 

NWA does a great job making matches come off as emotional and important. The in ring content might not be at the same level as most of the other major feds in the business, but it comes off strong due to the hard work of the talent nonetheless. During the second season of Powerrr I found myself enjoying the series and embracing it for all the flaws. The third season was a dip but had a lot of potential, but we know what happened with that. I am interested to see how the group handle things moving forward now.

If you are interested in NWA, go ahead and check this out. I'll post the review for the match when I get a chance to watch, but this had me far more excited for a Bennett match than I have likely ever been before and is certainly worth your time.