3 WILD Kevin Steen Matches in ROH! Review

1.ROH World Title: Richards(c) vs Steen ***3/4
2.ROH World Title, Ladder War: Steen(c) vs Generico ****1/2
3.Shinsuke vs Steen ***1/4

This one looked good enough to watch in full. The only match I've never seen from the set is the first encounter, for the record.

It was great stuff with a solid pace that built up nicely. Pretty on par with content from the states at this level during that time period and fans of NXT should enjoy the layout. Reminds me a lot of the brand (when I used to watch it, at least).

Up second, alongside multiple examples of audio issues, we had the famous Steen vs Generico Ladder War, which honestly holds up very well and remains one of my favorite ladder matches ever. The violence level is top shelf and the drama is superb. I still love the finish, though the commentary as Kevin reached out for the belt remains a thorn. I hate that both work for Vince these days, though I am happy they are getting paid well, by the way.

Lastly, Shinsuke and Steen from 2014 event, War of the Worlds! I fucking miss Naka. This was easily the weakest match of the bunch, but served as a fun crowd pleaser regardless. I'd call it fairly good and the crowd had a good time, for sure.

In all, this was another solid set from Ring of Honor. If you only have time for one, watch the Ladder War epic!

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