Select Match Reviews: Fox Crow Cookie (EVOLVE)

Match from EVOLVE 144:
1.Mansoor vs AR Fox ***1/2

I've decided to go ahead and finish off some content from this year's EVOLVE shows. The rumor mill says they are going under. The most tragic thing about EVOLVE is that them going under in 2020 isn't the sad. They have a solid roster, of course, but have rarely been must-see. They're ran by a dude I don't care much for, either. My main worry right now is for the talent that it'll hurt, but they'll all rise up for sure.

Anyway, I don't think I've seen any of Mansoor's work but I am familiar with the dude. I was impressed a bit by him here, thinking he came off better than expected (based on what I've heard). He certainly has potential. Fox, of course, shined brightest. No big surprise there since the guy is one of the best on the US indie scene. It's a shame that his porn work still seems to haunt him. I mean, if that's not the reason, I have no idea why no one major seems to work with the dude (other than Lucha Underground...RIP).

This might be the last Mansoor match I see, but that's ok. At least it was a good one. They both worked a strong one here, in a contest that got more than enough time. The crowd sucked, but most EVOLVE crowds do (did?). They also put over the NXT dude because, well, of course they did.

Go ahead and check this one out if you're bored and seeking something with a crowd. It was pretty good all things considered. I have a bit more EVOLVE to do, some more old NWA TV, some DEFY, CZW, etc. Keep an eye out and thanks for reading.

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