An Open Letter to David Starr

When I opened a message from one of my favorite people this evening, I expected some rumor involving WWE's awful COVID response or a quip about his binge watching sessions of Arrowverse shows. Instead, I found out the news that everyone has likely already seen. The allegations and your response. It was followed by replies of how upset he was. More so than myself he was upset, since I try to never put too much faith in any one person. People are flawed, after all. That's not to say I wasn't upset, of course, because I was. I agree with him on his main point heavily, though. The thing that upset him the most. See, you are a symbol. A leader of a message. A hero to some, even.

That message is now soiled, though.

Now please, if you are reading, don't stop there. I am not trying to shame you. It's not my place. I will never run for politics myself because I am too flawed to do so.

I read your apologetic response. It seemed sincere and I am sure you will be forgiven by most, though I am unsure if you should be. It's tricky, ain't it?  That doesn't really matter right now, though. I am sure you want forgiveness, but I hope you see what matters second right now, admittedly far behind the ladies hurt by these actions directly which comes first, is in finding a new leader of the message.

You have been fighting for the rights of the workers. It is a message I strongly support, too. Not just as a fan, but as a socialist that desires to see the men, women, and non-binaries get the respect they deserve for the work they do.

Sadly, being the leader of the cause moving forward doesn't work. Can you be a vocal proponent? Sure, one day. But even then, every message will always be met with the expected response from trolls and enemies to the fight. Responses of, "you're quoting that douche bag predator", etc. You know that's what they'll say. It sucks, but it's true.

So please, quietly reach out to other defenders of the cause and ask them to take the leader role. Suge D, perhaps? I ask you to do this as someone who desires to see the same changes as you. I ask this, again, not to shame or belittle you. I have no right to ever do such a thing. I simply want to see progress made in the business.

If you read this, please just consider the plea.

Thank you,


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