NWA World Championship Wrestling 01/20/90 Review

1.Rock n Roll Express vs Fargo, Kyle NR
2.Steiners, Animal vs Skyscrapers, Doom NR
3.Midnight Express vs Santo, Hart NR
4.Doom vs Regal, Drake NR
5.Sting vs Mr. Asia *1/2
6.Fabulous Freebirds vs Scott, Cook NR
7.Dr. Death vs The Gladiator NR
8.NWA TV Title: Arn(c) vs Ranger Ross ***
9.Gilbert vs Galaxian One NR
10.Sullivan vs Idol NR

Highlights on this episode include a good TV Title defense, Cactus challenging Dr. Death, and a nice promo segment with the 4 Horsemen. The rest was largely skippable but served a purpose. If you want cringe-worthy, check out the Wrestlewar ad they ran that featured a tragically bad rap song.

In all, it was a decent episode.

Overall Rating: 60/100%

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