Mid-South Wrestling 12/03/81 Review

1.Landel vs Roop NR
2.Charles vs Orndorff **1/2
3.DiBiase vs Wiskowski **
4.Mid-South Mississippi Title: Orton Jr(c) vs Gavin ***
5.Junkyard Dog vs Orndorff NR
6.Iron Sheik vs King Cobra **1/4
7.Novak, Monk vs Blair, Monte **

I discovered a YouTube Channel with a decent collection of classic episodes and decided I'd take a look. I'll continue watching some of these classic episodes from the old days occasionally for fun for those that might be curious. This was the oldest available on the channel for the record and I am considering continuing this specific series if it seems entertaining enough.

After a very 80's intro video, we get an introduction to the episode from the commentary table and then head straight to the opening match. They are running a heel guest commentator spot alongside a standard lead here.

Landel and Roop was a quick one that saw Roop take the W in under 3. The twitching sell job from Landel was entertaining.

The second match was a nice, old school style contest with some nice technical showings and a good example of a fun undercard outing between Charles and Paul Orndorff.

In the three spot, the North American Champion, Ted DiBiase, worked a non-title match against Wiskowski. Solid, picking up as it went.

Our sole championship defense of the evening saw Bob Orton Jr successfully defend the Mississippi gold following a decent piledriver. So far, this was my favorite match of the episode.

A masked Terry Orndorff and The Junkyard Dog lasted sub-3 and ended in disqualification, after some decent back and forth and then a load of circus chaos. This did feature one of the most comedic ref bumps ever, so there's that...

Iron Sheik and his pointed boots beat King Cobra next in a decent, physical display. Short, but far from bad.

Closing the episode out we had tag team action that ended in a time limit draw. Like most things here, it was okay. Not bad, but not good, either.

There is a certain charm to these old territory days episodes of wrestling. While WWF was pushing over the top bullshit even in these days, Mid-South was showcasing athletic displays. This was certainly entertaining enough to warrant more views soon and a nice viewing experience that decently filled in what I was seeking at the time. I wasn't expecting anything to blow me away but I had a good time and that's what matters.

Overall Rating: 60/100%

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