CHIKARA Action Arcade #7 Review

1.Spoiler vs Masked Enforcer #2 **1/4
2.YLC Semi: Max the Impaler vs Ricky South **
3.YLC Semi: Green Ant vs ZERO **1/2
4.Quackenbush vs DeFarge ***1/2

ZERO opened things this time around with a solid promo, setting the stage nicely for the match with Green Ant later.

After, we move to the first match of the evening. The plot here is decent and I appreciate the nature of it all. It worked decently for what it was though I am not big on The Spoiler nor the types of finishes I am seeing him utilizing.

Donna Rama's promo was well done and I am enjoying her work on Action Arcade thus far.

The first semi suffered from a poor layout and was very average. The wrong person also won. The other semi was better, but ZERO came off very sloppy at times which dragged the whole thing down a tad. The best thing there was the story they attached and Green's showy offense.

This week's Cibernetico Report had promos from Boomer, Quack, and Ophidian. BLANK stole the segment, though, with a very unique and enjoyable message. There have been some minor audio issues I've noticed across the series, for what that's worth.

Over to the main event, Quack gave DeFarge the best match I've seen him in. Sure, it was the battle of technical abilities versus body odor, but there was a lot of hard work and near fall drama. Overall, a very good encounter that surprised me, despite a big fan of Quackenbush's abilities. That's not intended as a hard knock on DeFarge, but he has yet to, even after this, truly impress me. Regardless, this was worth seeing.

Post-credits, Callux the Castigator carried a body wrapped in tape and barbed wire and dumped it. Those shoes look familiar...

In all, this was another enjoyable episode of Action Arcade with nice promo work and a very nice main event.

Overall Rating: 70/100%

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