CHIKARA Action Arcade #6 Review

CHIKARA Action Arcade - Episode #1 (3/28/20) Report - PWPonderings
1.Cabana Man Dan vs Zeller **
2.YLC Quarter Final Elimination: Rama vs Striker vs Oswald vs ZERO ***
3.Crucible Rules: Amir vs Perez NR
4.Dasher Hatfield vs Razerhawk ***1/4

Black lives matter! As the world continues to fall into chaos, we all need a break from time to time. CHIKARA is that break for me tonight.

Razer kicks things off with a very enjoyable promo setting up the evening's main event before heading into the opener. Cabana Man Dan was entertaining, picking up the win in a decent, extended squash. Cabana fits in well and is talented. He actually reminds me a bit of Colt Cabana.

Next, we get the next bit of info setting up the upcoming Cibernetico. Note that I spoke with one of the crew members for the show recently and found out there would be ten episodes of Action Arcade and then the Cibernetico show would be running later this month. Know that I support Action Arcade in that it utilizes old content in a fresh way that I've enjoyed but I cannot support CHIKARA running a show right now. As a result, I will finish out Action Arcade but will not be watching the Cibernetico. I was excited for the event but it is what it is.

The ice cream bar commercial was a special kind of campy. Caroline had an interesting segment here, with several roster members talking about who inspires them. Blant!

The last quarter final match in this year's YLC was good. Donna Rama's debut was far different than expected but I liked what I saw. Striker and ZERO had a good stretch, Oswald was unique for sure and hit some cool spots, and the right man won in the end. Not much to complain about though it was a tad rough at times.

A solid Crucible fight followed.

Green Ant cut a promo regarding the Young Lions Cup that I enjoyed, saying that he was given a big responsibility in taking the Green Ant mantle but hasn't lived up to the title. He teases possibly leaving the role and the Colony if he fails. Also, Masked Enforcer #2 called out The Spoiler.

Closing the show out, the main event saw Razer take Dasher to his limits before the Grand Champion came back to walk out victorious. While right outside of recommendation levels, it still did a nice job of closing the show on a high note. The champ went over and the resilient babyface looked good in defeat. Solid stuff.

Post-credits, Still Life revealed a new look which I loved. This episode was wildly entertaining and another example of why CHIKARA Action Arcade is worth watching!

Overall Rating: 70/100%

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