Interview with the Green Party 2020 Candidate

This interview was requested, and thankfully granted, because I wanted to help a party and candidate I trust and support. I want change. Not selfish change that helps only myself, but change that I believe would truly help our entire nation. We are often sold promises from politicians but the fact is large interest groups lobby their way to the top and what is good for us all sinks to the bottom. So, while I know most of the visitors here are seeking thoughts, reviews, and links to professional wrestling, I urge you to take a short bit of your time and listen to this video and consider your options come November.

In the video above you will hear us cover the following topics:
-WWE/AEW running during a pandemic
-Unionizing the wrestling industry
-Fighting the Blue No Matter Who movement
-Why socialism isn't a four letter word
-Latin America policy
-The Electoral College
-Universal Healthcare
-Oil & Gas vs Green New Deal
-BLM and breaking down systematic racism
-And, of course, Voting Green in 2020

Check back for more political talk weekly and know that if you are seeking more info that I am here. I'll be campaigning and hope you do, too.

Vote Green, Go 'Cuse!

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  1. I can't stand either Trump or Biden. That said, I couldn't care less about pro wrestling. If, in order to hear what this candidate has to say about issues that actually matter to me I need to listen through crap that doesn't matter to me in the least, I'm simply not going to listen to the video.

    1. We talk about wrestling for about two minutes briefly, one in regards to the two major US companies running mid-pandemic and the other in regards to wrestlers seeking to unionize. Skip ahead if that somehow annoys you too badly. I feel you'd be doing yourself a disservice in writing off an entire 30 minute interview due to two minutes of subjects that directly pertain to the blog's subject matter that you don't align with. Stay safe and be well.