Young Lions Cup XVI – The CHIKARA Special
1.Donna Rama vs Patrovsky NR
2.YLC Finals: Green Ant vs Ricky South ***
3.Gulak vs Quackenbush ***1/2
match from CHIKARA Supremacy, **** rating given in 2017 for full match.
4.Crucible Rules: ZERO vs Devantes NR
5.Crucible Rules: Demorest vs Ibanez NR
6.Crucible Rules: Faraday vs Amir NR
7.Crucible Rules: Wells vs Makowski NR

It's raining here in DC as the storm grows downtown. I haven't checked in on the protester streams in an hour or so but will now that I am finished with this episode. I am praying for their safety and hope you do the same. Note that if you are interested in learning more about Green Party candidate, Howie Hawkins, I am interviewing him for the blog tomorrow and the post should go up this weekend.

Now, about episode eight.

Still Life cut a decent promo to open this installment, pumping up the Young Lions Cup finals.

The first match was a squash, putting over Donna Rama. I like this girl!

On Scoreboard, Spoiler and ZERO promote themselves.

The finals of the YLC were good, though admittedly I am disappointed in the outcome. South was impressive though in the tournament and I am interested to see where they go with this. Green looked good in defeat too but has also once again lost so who knows what's next...maybe a rebranding or a heel run?

The first ever Warp Zone feature was next, which looked back at Gulak versus Quack from a few years ago. I'm sure it was just a coincidence that Gulak was a free agent when this aired. Back before this blog existed and I put reviews on my facebook group, I gave this four stars. They aired a clipped version so my rating is lower here, but it still rocks and is worth seeing.

Holladay is on Cibernetico Report duty this week. Spoiler, BLANK, and DeFarge spoke. Cabana Man and Blank was scheduled for Cibernetico.

The show concluded with a Crucible Challenge. Both Cibernetico units stood off on either side of the ring and we had four Crucible rules fights. Quack cut a decent, backstage promo leading in. Devantes beat ZERO by ring out. Demorest took out Ibanez with a sick sitout powerbomb as the time expired, which was questionable. Faraday took down Amir picking up a W for Wrestle Factory and Amir got thrown to the back by Ophidian as punishment. The fourth and final fight ended with Makowski getting Wells to tap out. The Factory boys rushed the ring to save Wells from further damage and the two groups faced off to close things.

The Crucible won a majority of the matches, but outside of the last fight they didn't do so strongly.

There was a Dusty reference in a comment against pirates in the credits that might have been on earlier episodes (if so I missed them) and then Razer noticed a nice gift from Danjer. In all, this was a very entertaining way to kill an hour.

Overall Rating: 75/100%