Throwback Reviews: Dwarfs, Defenses, & Debuts (NWA-TNA)

Matches from NWA-TNA PPV #3:
1.Monty Brown vs Ingram NR
2.Hardcore: Puppet vs Stone NR
3.NWA World Title: Shamrock(c) vs Malice **1/4
4.NWA-TNA X Title: Styles(c) vs Young ***
5.NWA World Tag Titles: Styles, Lynn vs Rainbow Express ***1/4

This one had some decent stuff, for sure. I mean, Monty Brown debuted here in a squash and it seems everyone loves that dude. Above is the clip.

We also had a short but decent for what it was dwarf hardcore squash which was my second pull. Puppet attacked anything that moved and seemed popular. It looks like all these dudes in the division retired years ago according to Cagematch.

The Ten Pounds defense was decent with some solid story work. Malice worked from the top for a majority of the run with Shamrock picking up a quick W with a protected finish.

Easily the best thing of the night was, once again, the X-Division guys. Worked more grounded thanks to Young getting a lot in and being more of a light heavyweight heel centered on that style, it was a good contest and the avalanche Styles Clash finish came off well.

Even then, you could just tell AJ was special. TNA clearly knew that too because the next match saw him become a double champion. After a cringeworthy sexual assault moment that reminded me of another very cringeworthy moment that AEW gave us recently, the awful gimmicked Rainbow Express worked with AJ and Jerry to crown tag champs for the, at the time, new promotion. I mentioned above that the best part of the night was the X guys, and that was true here, too. Lynn and AJ were a fun team and made this a fairly good match through hard work. Their opponents were okay but out of their league.

While I am largely enjoying this journey through classic TNA content, it is worth noting that I am thankful that I am not watching the full shows. For one, I don't have that kind of free time. For two, while I am picking the decent stuff, there is a lot of garbage here, too. If you are seeking something to watch during the end of the world, consider NWA-TNA but do it the way I am doing it for the sake of your sanity. For my own sake, I've also decided to go ahead and focus more on the compilation releases they put out moving forward instead with a few exceptions.

I plan on watching the following first:
-Best of Asylum Years Vol. 1 & 2
-Champion: Kurt Angle
-Phenomenal: The Best of AJ Styles Vol. 1 & 2
-Best of the X-Division Vol. 1 & 2

I might consider watching the TNA Epics series, too. That's it from me today. Stay safe and thanks for reading.

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