Match from NWA-TNA PPV #2:
1.Hall vs Jarrett **1/4
2.NWA-TNA X Title, Double Elimination: Styles vs Lynn vs Lo-Ki vs Psicosis ****1/4

The second show had two matches catch my eye.

Up first, Scott Hall and Jeff Jarrett followed up on their issues from show one. Toby Keith was at ring side because, well it's early TNA. This was actually used as the show opener which, looking at the rest of the card, was a very smart idea. Fargo and Keith worked seconds for Hall, for the record. While this was far from great, featuring a few run ins and generic largely work, it worked well for what it was. Jeff was never a great worker nor a great booker, but he's better than some. That's about as nice as I can be.

Steamboat worked ref in the other pull, like he did in the main event of show one. This one was to crown the first even X Champion. Note that the first match in TNA history had Styles, Lynn, and Lo-Ki teaming together and losing to the Flying Elvises yet on episode two they main evented for the division title. Weird fucking move, but it made this far better than it would have been should the Elvis dudes have been featured instead. And I say that actually realizing that the team had some good talent in it. Nicho also lost in a throwaway tag match on that first show. But yea, this match was fantastic. All action, as I had hoped, and a great use of a stipulation you never really see. I'd like seeing the match gimmick brought back, honestly. Watch this for sure!

You have to ignore a lot of trash on these shows, which I tried to be nice about in my review of the first ppv, but going forward I will largely skip that crap anyway. The booking calls were very mid-late era WCW, too. That said, there's a lot of gold here and since I missed most of it originally I look forward to my continued dive. As expected, the X-Division is already the star of the show.