Select Match Reviews: That Old Code (ROH)

Matches from Ring of Honor Bound by Honor:
1.Scurll vs Flex vs Bandido ***1/4
2.ROH World Title: PCO(c) vs Dragon Lee ***1/2

I have a few things left from the year to catch up on, so let's take a look at a bit of ROH. Props to the promotion for handling the pandemic better than fellow US companies, WWE and AEW. I respect the hell out of the way they're doing things right now and I was one of those championing the way the product had been moving this year, too. Make sure if you are one of those that turned away from the company to at least consider checking out their 2020 output so far.

Note that the blog has been a bit quieter than usual this week because my wife was out on quarantine. While not much in the way of wrestling was consumed, we did enjoy a lot of Supernatural.

Anyway, in the first pull they threw Slex to the fire against two of the top dogs of Ring of Honor. The three put on a fun, crowd-pleasing contest that, while never fully breaking out of second gear, served nicely to showcase those involved nonetheless albeit in a limited capacity. The touches of character alongside some decent action in this short package provided for a fairly good, though ultimately skippable match that left me wondering what direction the three would take once ROH returns to running.

Moving along, our last pull saw PCO defending the top prize of Ring of Honor against ROH Television Champion, Dragon Lee. The PCO experiment has been an interesting one to say the least. I like the dude and his revival run has been one of the funnest recent stories in the game, but I still strongly disagree with taking the belt off of Rush last year in the first place. Alas, it is what it is and in his defense I'd rather watch a PCO match than a 2020 Taker one. Note that this snack came along with Aldis adding some vocal flavor. Of course, it also featured PCO trying to kill himself along with a nice variety of spots thanks to the fusion of styles.While there was never any doubt of who would walk out victorious here, that was largely semantics and this very good ride was one worth your consideration.

Post-match, the ROH and NWA Champions caused some drama.

More ROH, along with CHIKARA, Defy, and more coming soon.

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