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Here is a look at the general outline for a well-rounded homeschool curriculum that will help prepare your child for the future. These grow off of ideas and general subjects that I am hopeful have seen building blocks set down for previously during Pre-K experiences. Know that you can expect further posts here in the blog on this subject, including more defined information in regards to the following curriculum. Note that my oldest already knows much of this, in a more casual form, but that Kindergarten will be more structured than before allowing for further growth and development.

I know everyone takes a different approach, but am hopeful this will be of service for someone and, as always, thank you for reading,

Kindergarten Curriculum:
Language Arts
-Reading: letters (upper and lower), phonics, consonants, vowels, syllables, sight words, punctuation, capitalizing, plurals
-Writing: all letters, shapes, numbers, own name
-Opposites: basic understanding of concept in practice

-Numbers: Recognizing 1-100 and counting by 10's up to 100
-Operations: Addition and Subtraction of #'s 0-10; recognize +, -, = symbols
-Pattern Recognition: Four object patterns
-Money: Basic concept of currency
-Measurement: More than, less than, heavier, lighter, shorter, longer

-Geography: seven continents, understanding of map and globe basics
-American History: Native American, Pilgrims, Revolutionary War, Famous Americans, Presidents, Symbols of America
-Religion: Study of basic, religious ideals and histories

-General Science: magnets, light and shadow, have experiments
-Physical Science: anatomy basics, viruses etc, senses
-Life Science: living vs non, botany, zoology
-Earth Science: directions, composition of earth (rock, water, etc), weather, heat energy
-Time: telling time, calendar, holidays, seasons, days, months, years
-Space Science: the planets and basic space objects

Foreign Language
-Spanish: basics of the language, culture

The Arts
-Theatrics: acting out small plays, use of tabletop rpg's for studying of general information
-Drawing/Painting: color basics and exploring art abilities and recognize classic art and media types
-Shape Recognition: Knowledge of basic shapes

-Basics: understanding rhythm, melody, harmony, and recognizing instruments
-In Practice: begin to learn how to perform instrument of choice

Physical Education
-Health: importance of healthy choices and general outline
-Yoga: Basic Yoga introduction
-Dance: Dance instructions
-Karate: Basic Karate introduction