Lucha Underground – October 24, 2018: Like He's Five Years Old ...
1.Gift of the Gods Title, Elimination: Strong vs Drago vs Fox vs Cuerno vs Homicide vs Steve vs Black ***3/4

With this, I'm officially ready for the two part Ultima Lucha Cuatro and the end of Lucha Underground! It's bitter sweet, and I've held off for so long because I knew I'd fucking hate being done with this series but the time was right.

Let's not get too ahead of the game, though. This episode deserves praise for being one of the few episode-long matches the show has ran. Not many promotions would ever do such a thing, especially as the lead in to their biggest show. To make the situation even better, this was a freaking spectacle. Steve got over via monkey wrench, PJ had an unhealthy fascination with kicking people in the balls ala Cartman, Dragon came in dressed like a construction worker to provide a forklift for Aerostar to dive off of, Strong snapped ankles...I mean, this was just fucking entertaining as hell as was the post-match segment.

I had a lot of fun here, but now it's time...

Reviews for the last two episode should be up tomorrow.

Overall Rating: 80/100%