1.Familia Real(Los Parks) vs Team AAA(Psycho,Hamburguesa,Psicosis) **3/4

As a result of them stretching out the Super Series taping, this one featured half the run time being padded out with various packages. When we finally got to the sole match of the evening, one they've been building toward for weeks, it at least covered the other half of the installment. Note that while I disliked the sense of padding things out that we got, I get it and still applaud MLW for doing the right thing right now while many of their contemporaries continue to do the opposite.

Anyway, outside of the various promos and segments, the trios match that closed the Super Series run was an extended walk and brawl just like I had expected. Like I've mentioned before, they did not mic this crowd very well. The entire thing was rough around the edges and meandered a lot and while I think it was solid overall, it really isn't anything I'll remember a few weeks from now.

Ultimately, this isn't anything I could call must see, but if you're itching for entertainment you will likely find something here to at least semi-enjoy. Props for the show closing angle to help establish a canonical reason for no new episodes for a period of time.

Overall Rating: 60/100%