CHIKARA Action Arcade #4 Review

Dasher Hatfield: Profile & Match Listing - Internet Wrestling ...
1.Mobius vs The Whisper **1/2
2.Crucible Rules: DeMorest vs Knight NR
3.YLC Four Way First Round Elimination: Green Ant vs Spoiler vs Vertigo vs Wells ***
4.Dasher & McCoy vs X2K **3/4

Some small production issues aside, this was yet another fun installment of Action Arcade. Much like NWA Powerrr, this show's strength lies in watching each episode as a complete package versus seeking out specific matches. If you are a work-rate only kind of fan, CHIKARA isn't for you. Know that while I obviously love MOTYC style performances, I also appreciate things like this and have actually been a fan of the company for many years. I just fell off a bit for a while there, but Action Arcade has won me back over.

On to talking about the episode...

The clip of a destroyer from Ophidian on Whisper was insane. The first match saw The Whisper take on Mobius in a match I had hopes for, but sadly the quality was only a bit above average. This was short and underwhelming but since it was short it means it was over and done with fast, at least.

Speaking of Mobius, up next Quack announced some of his partners for the planned Cibernetico. Joining him, and Mobius, was Jigsaw. On the other side, Ophidian picked Kimber and Lance Steel.

Another decent, though super short, Crucible fight in the three spot. I dig these. More segments and promos followed. All of these are fun and fit the style of the show well. The CHIKARA Magazine promo was clever, though I wonder how many heads it will go over. CHIKARA fans do tend to be a bit more intelligent than standard fanboys in my experience, so maybe it'll land well.

Up next, Green Ant moved ahead in the YLC. Vertigo looked promising and Wells put in some decent work, too. The finish reminded me of Rush in ELITE. It was a disappointing finish to a good match and it sucked the air out a bit. Oddly enough, the winner was also a minor character here.

The YLC competitor promos continue to be entertaining.

In the main event, the caw caw boys just couldn't stop making mistakes. It was a decent outing and the Grand Champion came off well, but the roughness cannot be understated.

The post-credits packages, this time showing BLANK, continue to be fun additions.

In all, this was an entertaining episode even though nothing broke into recommendation territory.

Overall Rating: 60/100%

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