Wrestling Society X #5 Review

1.Filth & Fury vs Team Dragon Gate ***1/2
2.6-Pac vs Human Tornado NR
3.Arik Cannon vs Delikado NR

This one kicked off with an El Mesias promo package, informing Vamp that he's out for revenge and that 6-Pac got off lucky that he didn't end up scared and grotesque like he did. Decent stuff. Again, I strongly recommend Lucha Underground fans to check these out. Pretty sure you'll love it.

The opener was very fun, as expected. I mean, how could these four men not have a good match, right?

Scorp's backstage promo was humorous and set up a match with Evans.

Following last week's closing angle, we were given 6-Pac versus Human Tornado next. While too short to rate, it was decent with the right person winning.

Horiguchi and Yoshino are kidnapped afterward.

The main was decent but the attack angle ended it before it really went anywhere. Tablespot, cement dip, dead fish, curtains.

The opener was the best thing here, but the entire episode worked together nicely for what it was. Imagine how crazy the show would've gotten if they had gotten a second season.

Overall Rating: 70/100%

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