Wrestling Society X #4 Review

1.Matt Sydal vs Scorpio Sky ***
2.Keepin it Gangsta vs That 70's Team ***

The opener was fun, highspeed action. It's cool seeing young Matt and Sky working together. People underrate how good this roster was. After, Sky got the H8R mark.

Marcus Riot tries to get Evans to help him out.

The second contest saw That 70's Team and Keepin it Gangsta in a fun contest that featured touches of "comedy" alongside some decent spots. The finish in particular was pretty cool. The Quizno Slamwich replay was humorous in name.

Arik Cannon got a package after promoting his appearance for the next episode, and then Hombre Blanco Enmascarado was set to wrestle Human Tornado, but we got a shot of HT knocked out backstage. 6-Pac came out, attacked Hombre, and then called out Vampiro. El Mesias then took out the champ from behind and unleashed hell, closing the episode standing tall over Vamp.

This show is just so fun.

Overall Rating: 70/100%

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