1.Piranha Deathmatch: The Cartel vs Los Pochos Guapos **1/2
2.Exploding Cage: Filth & Fury vs Team Dragon Gate ***

Have you ever seen a man nearly get his ass eaten in a wrestling match that didn't include Joey Ryan or the DDT roster? Was it the piranha deathmatch from this finale episode?

Scorpio Sky and Vamp shared a moment backstage. Next thing you know, Vampiro is pulling off Scorp's pants in the ring. A lot of roster members not booked on the episode tried to make the save but Vamp cleared house. The segment ended with Vamp and Ricky brawling to the back.

Sydal caught 6-Pac and Valentine chatting and tried to act tough. He got knocked out instead.

They advertised a new championship specifically for spot monkeys, with Evans and Tornado being set for the inaugural decision match. Obviously, that never happened.

In the main event, the theme set by this insane show was fully realized. It was a mindless spotfest full of high spots and explosions and a touch of interference. Team Dragon Gate stood tall, so that's good. Really, considering the show this was a fitting way to close things.

And, with that, I have completed the series. WSX holds up well, in my opinion. Yea, it's batshit crazy, but it's one of the most wildly entertaining things that professional wrestling has ever given us and is a true gift. If you've never seen this show, take the plunge. If you have, take a breathe, relax, and have some fun.

Overall Rating: 65/100%