1.Alkatrazz, Hawx vs Cannon, Grimes **
2.6-Pac vs Scorpio Sky NR
3.Human Tornado vs Jack Evans **3/4

I might watch the Xtra content at some point, for anyone that might be wondering. The runtime of these episodes and style showcased obviously gives little ability for anything to be fleshed out much, so most of the matches are quick spotfests but it works for what it is and as an overall package is where WSX episodes hold the most weight. Similar to NWA Powerrr in a way but obviously in a very different stylistic manner.

The opener saw Grimes kill himself in an explosion and a humorous finish to close a decent throwaway tag.

The second saw Sky start hot and a bit of back-and-forth, but Pac largely had this in the bag and a cheap shot set up the finish. Too short to rate but the right person won considering the circumstances.

That Pac/Sydal/Valentine drama was highlighted in a package that did little for me.

Following their dance battle, the main event saw HT and Evans settle their differences. Some smooth dancing themes played heavily into the contest before they started unleashing some nice spots, but right when it was building into something fun the bell rang for a time limit draw.

A Matt Classic at the end before Team Dragon Gate cut a promo setting up a massive match for the season finale!

Overall Rating: 60/100%