Branch Out Project #4: Wrestling Retribution Project Part Two

Read Part One Here!

Following up on part one, let's take a look at some more content from WRP...

1.Concrete vs Dave Bruiser NR
Simply put, like most of these first matches uploaded, this was a very quick squash with Chris Masters going over via jackhammer.

2.Satanic & Profitable vs Swan & Grabinski *3/4
Alex Reynolds and Sami Callihan teamed up here, back when Sami still had that crazy ass hair. Like most of these so far, this was basically a squash. It just happened to be one that lasted long enough to rate. Sami gave a lick of death after and the heel duo left wearing their suit jackets.

3.Chase Walker vs Spyros Gianopulous NR
Spyros is Robby Pheonix. Remember him? This saw Joey Ryan go over quickly, winning once more with a superkick. Clearly, Joey was meant to be a top name.

4.Grand Old Predator vs Ratpack Slim NR
I'd like to report a murder...

5.Faris Gotch vs Pax Americana *3/4
Daivari is Faris Gotch. They gave this one more time than expected, but was still the equivalence of a squash, just one with a bit more meat attached.

6.Liberal Redneck vs Killshot *3/4
Karl Anderson is Killshot. A part of me wonders if Lucha Underground used the name as a reference, but I sincerely doubt there's a connection. Anyway, Karl, who is set to return to Japan soon, went over, crushing Pat like a jobber.

7.Master Murder vs Ratpack Slim NR
A Mike Rollins sighting, wrestling fans. Take a look at the NR rating and the theme so far and you'll already know what happened here.

8.Cornerstone vs Man Mountain **1/4
Cornerstone is Kenny Omega. Man Mountain Mike is likely not the one you're thinking of. This was far more even that nearly anything else so far and a fairly decent match. Watch if you're a diehard Omega fan.

9.Liberal Redneck vs Klaus Kessler NR
Hey look, another sub-3 minute squash.

10.Punchline vs Swan NR 
Colt Cabana is Punchline, a stand-up comedian gimmick wrestler. He acted like a dick and then snuffed out Swan 

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